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Vision & Mission

Sierra Media Services® is an innovative provider of digital media asset management and workflow automation solutions.

Since inception, Sierra Media Services® has been leveraging the power of robust, scalable, enterprise-grade hardware, pairing it with a unique vision for the end-user experience in the field of media management. Sierra Media Services® is changing the way organizations manage, store, and deliver media content.

The SMS team is comprised of experts in the fields of video production, education technology, and enterprise Information Technology solutions. We understand that every organization faces unique challenges when it comes to media operations and related IT infrastructure. We also understand that no single product can be, or should be, a "one size fits all" solution. Accordingly, each solution we provide is custom-tailored to the client's needs, allowing full convergence between Information Technology and Media Asset delivery.

At the core of our business is a philosophy that technology exists solely for the purpose of making our work, our play, and our lives easier. We believe that technology should never make work more difficult, add burdens, or present roadblocks. We believe that in a zealous pursuit of more - more features, more lights, more bells and whistles - somehow the industry has lost sight of this simple principle.

Guided by an unending passion for the user experience and intuitive usability, we are dedicated to creating innovative products that use technology to better automate, streamline, and standardize media workflows, allowing users to focus on their work and not the technological tools. The result? Users gain more time to focus on the media itself and, ultimately a better end product for your customers, staff, contractors, and students.

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