Live TV

Deliver your digital assets live to a select audience, or even to the public, with VIACast by Sierra Media.

Media On Demand

With VIACast, you can put your digital assets in the cloud, available to your audience anytime, anywhere. Any digital asset can be either publicly available, or available only with permission.

Engage your Audience

Our advanced analytics reporting tracks important data about your audience, like who is watching your media, and how long they watched.

Find Media Quickly

With VIAVault, your digital assets are automatically tagged with metadata, like date, time, duration, and thumbnails. Then, finding your media is as simple as searching with our secure, web-based interface, or via FTP and network drive shares.



Deliver live and on-demand media to students, in a safe and secure platform. E-Rate funding is available.

Security and Public Safety

As body cameras are on the rise, video should be easily stored, organized, and retrievable. VIAVault is an intuitive solution to save time and energy, while securing your footage.

Broadcast and Video Production

VIAVault by Sierra Media automatically ingests, transcodes, and tags media, reducing the number of steps in post-production.


Video is a great medium to reach your team. Distribute training, education, and news to your entire network, and remote locations.

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Acquire, transcode, locate, archive, and deliver your media. VIAVault offers an intuitive, web-based interface, and can be used either on-premise or in the cloud.

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Deliver live and on-demand media to any audience. VIACast offers a template driven, customizable, and brandable CMS system with a web-based interface.

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Deliver high-quality streaming video throughout a campus, business, & site to site. Robust access control to ensure that the right parties can access the content that they need.

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Sierra Media

Sierra Media Services is an innovative provider of digital media asset management and workflow automation solutions.

Since inception, Sierra Media Services has been leveraging the power of robust, scalable, enterprise-grade hardware, and pairing it with a unique vision for the end-user experience in the field of media management. Sierra Media Services is changing the way organizations manage, store, and deliver media content. At the core of our business is a philosophy that technology exists solely for the purpose of making our work, our play, and our lives easier. We believe that technology should never make work more difficult, add burdens, or present roadblocks. We believe that in a zealous pursuit of more – more features, more lights, more bells and whistles – somehow the industry has lost sight of this simple principle.

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Sierra Media Services is changing the way organizations manage, store, and deliver media content.

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