Imagine that you’re on site at a video shoot, capturing live action for your company. Do you feel secure with your hard-earned footage while it’s saved only on a memory card? What if you run out of space in the middle of a shoot? Later on, if your data transfer goes as expected, how long does that transfer take?

VIACapture takes the stress out of live video capture and transferring video assets, by securely storing video directly from your camera during production.

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VIACapture allows you to ingest media from any source, as it’s being captured. Featuring a digital capture card for remote ingest, physical A/V connections, HDMI, and more, you can safely store your video without the use of memory cards.

Any audio and video stored by VIACapture automatically begins the VIAVault process. Video and digital assets are automatically ingested, tagged, and transcoded, allowing video to be edited with any popular editing suite.

Why Pick VIACapture?


Eliminate loss of footage due to technical issues and human error. With VIACapture, there’s no need to stress about keeping track of multiple memory cards. Video and digital assets are saved to a secure, redundant disk-based storage environment.


VIACapture handles the time consuming task of transferring data, automatically! Your production team can focus on more important things, like preparing your video to be viewed.


There’s no need to compromise quality for the sake of memory with VIACapture. Your production team will not need to rely on the use of limited memory cards for storage, allowing them to capture video at the best possible quality.

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