Creating captivating video and vital digital assets is only half of the battle. Distributing video presents its own unique challenges. How do you control who can and can’t see confidential assets, and present video in a professional, branded VOD platform?

Distribute your video to the right audience at the right time with our VOD platform, VIACast: live, on demand, and in the cloud.

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VIACast On Demand offers a customizable and fully brandable content management system (CMS). The web-based interface makes it easy to search for assets, and is similar in appearance to popular video publishing services like Youtube. With VIACast On Demand, your video and digital assets are available to your audience anywhere, anytime, from the cloud.

VIACast LIVE! makes it easy to deliver live video streaming to any amount of screens that you choose within your facilities, and even across several locations. You have acute control over who sees your video, video speed and quality, and branding. VIACast LIVE! uses the same intuitive content management system (CMS) as VIACast On Demand.

VIACast Cloud enhances your video storage and delivery by making the solution completely scalable. As the amount of video and digital assets you have increases, you can utilize VIACast Cloud to archive, or backup, your assets. Then, with the click of a button, you can restore any archived video to be edited.

Why Pick VIACast?

Access Control

VIACast offers the same access control features that you enjoy with VIAVault. Pick who can view any assets. Stream or deliver video to either the public or a limited audience.

Lower Network Demand

Put your content in the cloud with VIACast. Your assets are available to your audience anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about the bandwidth and throughput of your internal network.

Monitor Results

VIACast allows you to go a step further than just offering live or on demand video. Find out who is viewing your assets, how long they’re watching your video, and much more. VIACast provides you with advanced analytics that help you better understand your audience.

Brand Awareness

Promote your video and digital assets professionally with VIACast. The VIACast CMS is loaded with features, allowing you to brand your portal with your own color theme and logo.

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