Streaming video assets might seem simple at first glance. What about streaming video live to multiple monitors directly from a camera, for a live webcast? Video streaming becomes slightly more complicated when there are several video sources and end destinations.

Distribute your video from any source, without the need for additional infrastructure, with our streaming platform, VIAStream.

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With VIAStream, your organization can stream video from almost any source. Video can be streamed from the VIAVault library, the internet, or directly from encoders, switchers, and more.

VIAStream features standard output options, allowing you to connect to a TV or projector. You can also stream content throughout your business, campus, or across multiple sites, to many screens.

Whether you’re offering a live webcast, or a variety of on demand digital assets, VIAStream has you covered. VIAStream even allows you to create regularly scheduled events, accessible to the audience you choose.

Why Pick VIAStream?

Included with VIAVault

The best thing about VIAStream is that if you have VIAVault, you already have access. All of the great features included with VIAStream are yours to take advantage of.

Ease of Use

VIAStream offers the same great browser-based user interface that you’re accustomed to with VIAVault. With standard output options and a simple infrared remote, you’ll find that using VIAStream is intuitive and easy.

Access Control

VIAStream offers the same access control features that you enjoy with VIAVault. Pick who can view any assets. Stream or deliver video to everyone at a location, or a limited audience.

Find out about all of VIAStream’s features and capabilities.