Sierra Media Services offers the tools needed to do just about anything with your video and digital assets, from anywhere in the world. Capturing great video is the first step. VIAVault, VIACast, and VIAStream make everything involved with video management, from editing to broadcasting, simple.


All of your digital assets can be streamed throughout your organization through your IP network. Reduce costs while providing more flexible services. Your media is available anywhere you have a network connection.

Live TV

Deliver your digital assets live to a select audience, or even to the public, with VIACast by Sierra Media.

Media On Demand

With VIACast, you can put your digital assets in the cloud, available to your audience anytime, anywhere. Any digital asset can be either publicly available, or available only with permission.

Mobile Video

Access any of your digital assets through your mobile device, the same way you would access it on a desktop or through a monitor.

Personalized Entertainment

Create custom channels and manage them from a single point. Custom content can be delivered to any device, with an intuitive interface.

Engage your Audience

Our advanced analytics reporting tracks important data about your audience, like who is watching your media, and how long they watched.

Secure Your Digital Assets

All of your digital assets are automatically stored and protected from mechanical failures within our secure storage system.

Save Digital Assets Automatically

VIAVault by Sierra Media accepts popular memory card formats, and footage is automatically placed in a secure, redundant storage environment.

Your Digital Assets, in any Format

VIAVault automatically encodes your footage to the format best suited to your editing suites. Your video will be ready to edit in Apple Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and Premier, and many more.

Find Media Quickly

With VIAVault, your digital assets are automatically tagged with metadata, like date, time, duration, and thumbnails. Then, finding your media is as simple as searching with our secure, web-based interface, or via FTP and network drive shares.