Sierra Media Services stands by our channel partners, every step of the way.

If you’re providing video services, security solutions, or anything involving a large amount of digital assets, our product line will perfectly complement your offerings.

Sierra Media Services’ channel program is designed to increase partner profitability and build lasting relationships.

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Why Join the Sierra Media Channel Program

Competitive Margins

Sierra Media offers great margins on sales. We value our dedicated channel partners, so we also give generous benefits any time an opportunity is registered.

Expert Training

We want to make sure that all of our channel partners are fully equipped with everything they need to succeed. Sierra Media Services provides comprehensive training to your sales team. We’re also by your side to help train your customers.

Compelling Marketing

Never go to a meeting empty handed. We’ll craft marketing materials that are customized to fit your business. There’s no need to hire a designer or content writer to get started selling Sierra Media Services products.

Who Can Benefit from the Products?

The simple answer is: almost everyone!

Any company that manages a large amount of video or digital assets would be excited to hear about our products.
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Deliver live and on-demand video to students, in a safe and secure platform. E-Rate funding is available.


Public Safety: Police and Fire Departments

As body cameras are on the rise, video should be easily stored, organized, and retrievable. VIAVault is an intuitive solution to save time and energy, while securing your footage.


Broadcast and Video Production

VIAVault by Sierra Media automatically ingests, transcodes, and tags digital assets, reducing the number of steps in post-production.



Video is a great medium to reach your team. Distribute training, education, and news to your entire network, and remote locations.

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